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Payforit Online Casinos

In the age of mobile devices, the online gambling industry has changed a lot. It has, in fact, adapted to this new age of mobile technology, and has made mobile casino players’ experience way more convenient and enjoyable.

Not only are games being designed in HTML5, to be available cross-device, but so are online casinos optimizing their sites for mobile play. But, also, a rise of new payment solutions fitted for these devices has been marked. There are plenty of payment methods today which allow mobile players to pay from their mobile devices in just a few taps, without involving any credit cards or bank accounts in the process. One such payment solution is Payforit. Why use Payforit across online casino sites?

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Payforit FAQs

What is Payforit?

Payforit is a mobile payment method that allows online casino players to enjoy their favourite games with a few taps on their devices, without creating an account and without involving any banks or other payment methods to make their deposits.

Does it come with fees?

No. Considering it is a solution provided by several mobile network providers, it can only be used by their users, and as such, it does not charge fees.

Do you need to share personal details to get started with it?

As a matter of fact, no. All you need to do to get started with it is get an active phone number, either postpaid or prepaid, with one of the founding mobile network providers, and you are ready to use it.

Does it offer Customer Support?

Considering it does not offer an official website, if you’re experiencing some problems with it, have some complaints or questions about it, you can always contact the Customer Support of its several mobile network providers to get help with anything.

Can I track my transactions with it?

Sure, if you’re using a postpaid phone number, you will find your transactions on your monthly bill under “Other” payments and charges. Each transaction will have a separate billing number and will be tied to a phone number which connects the transaction to the online casino you played at, allowing you to track your transactions and even contact the online casino if you encounter any issues with it.

About Payforit

Payforit is essentially a mobile payment…

…processor, facilitator or channel, put it however you want, which allows you to make online transactions without revealing anything else about yourself but your phone number. It is not exactly a product, nor a full-fledged company, but it is a service provided by four mobile network providers in the UK, Vodafone, O2, EE and 3. As such, it is a service only UK online casino players can use, designed with a joint purpose of its owners. The four mobile network providers wanted to enable their users to make easy, effortless and quick mobile payments while keeping them safe, so this service was their brainchild.

To use it…

…therefore, you have to meet two important criteria: be a UK player and have an active phone number with Vodafone, O2, EE or 3 mobile network providers. As long as you meet these two criteria, you are good to go. There’s nothing much left for you to do. You don’t need a credit or debit card, you don’t need a bank account, but all you need is a phone number, either postpaid or prepaid. This comes particularly handy considering the credit card ban in the UK for online gambling purposes.

Therefore, when using it to make a deposit at an online casino, you’ll be practically either paying with your phone’s credit or you’ll be paying with your monthly phone bill. The deposit in the second case will be recorded on your bill as a monthly charge. Setting up an account with it is not necessary. Therefore, by using it, you will eliminate the need to remember yet another set of password and username. This is actually what makes this payment solution even more convenient for today’s modern lifestyle that revolves around mobile devices.

Types of Services Offered

As introduced…

…this payment solution comes in two packages. You can either use it as a postpaid phone number holder or as a prepaid phone number holder. Therefore, regardless of whether you are on a monthly charge and you are paying for your bill regularly, or you’re using the pay-as-you-go option, you can use this mobile payment solution to purchase goods and make deposits across online casinos whenever you want.

The deal is, if you’re on a monthly charge when you’re making a deposit, it will be directly charged from your monthly mobile bill. If you’re using the pay-as-you-go service, the deposit will be deducted from your remaining credit right away.

Getting Started

There’s no need for creating an account to use this mobile payment solution for your online casino transactions. All you need is a UK-registered phone number, which will serve as your ID whenever you’re trying to make a deposit at an online casino. You don’t need to use any credit cards, bank accounts or any other payment method to fund your account either, as mentioned.

So, to get started with it…

…you should know two things. If you’re connected to the 3G, 4G or 5G network from your own mobile network provider, whenever you request a transaction with it, it will be identified by your online casino. The casino will collect the information from your mobile phone number in an instant, without you needing to log in anywhere. After that, you will be sent an SMS to confirm that you would like the service to perform the transactions and the charges will be credited out of your prepaid credit or added to your postpaid bill.

The second thing you need to know…

…if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, is that you would, after all, need to provide some identification to prove that you’re the one using your phone number. This would mean you would need to provide an additional entry of your phone number, in the designated box at the online casino site. After you get a one-time-use authentication code via SMS on your own number, make sure you enter that code to confirm your identity as a holder of the number and, therefore, confirm the transaction.

Using It at Online Casino Sites

Needless to say…

…you will find this mobile payment solution only across UK online casinos, or casinos that accept UK players, and are targeting them. Considering you need to hold a UK-registered phone number in order to request transactions with it, that’s the only way for you to access its services. But, should you be a UK player, you’re in luck. There are many online casino sites that accept this mobile payment service as a payment method for deposits.

The first thing you need to do…

…is find one you like. Make sure you join it, by registering an account with it. As you do that, to make a deposit, you would need to go to the casino’s Banking/Cashier page. In the Deposit tab, find the mobile payment solution’s logo and click or tap on it. If you cannot find its logo, make sure you look for it in the Mobile Payments or Pay-By-Phone Payments tab. Then, find your mobile network provider on the list of offered operators, and click on it. State the amount of money you would wish to deposit and confirm your transaction. You will receive a text message with confirmation details. Once you confirm your transaction, you’ll see the money deposited on your online casino account balance, for you to use it on your favourite online casino games, be it mobile slots, roulette or blackjack.

Withdrawals with it…

…unfortunately, are not an option. The service does not offer the withdrawal option as of yet, neither has shared plans on offering it in the future. Considering it was designed to enable fast, smooth and effortless mobile payments, it is an alternative solution for deposits only, and not withdrawals.

This means that if you want to cash out any winnings you make at your online casino site, you would have to look for a different payment method. If you’re up for some intuitive options, you should check out eWallets. There are many UK sites accepting Skrill or Neteller, PayPal or other eWallets you could use. They also offer easy and quick transactions, but ones that are usually subject to a fee.

Limitations and Requirements

Anyone outside of the UK cannot make use of this mobile payment solution. But while having a mobile phone number with the four owners is recommended, you should know that you can use a phone number with an alternative operator, by synching into the functions to the service and paying with it through your phone.

If you go to Vodafone’s website, for instance, you will see that you must agree to its Terms and Conditions, as a mobile network provider. Among them, you will find a part where it says you must be connected to its network to enable the service. And by accepting them, you agree that the online casinos will be charging the price, ergo, the deposit to your mobile phone, or your deposit will be deducted from your credit. It also says that there might be limitations to the value of each transaction.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages to using this awesome payment solution, obviously, and that’s the reason why many online casino players are opting for it. Among them, we would put convenience on top of the list. The fact that you don’t need a bank account, a credit card, or another payment method to place a deposit with it, but only a phone number, is what makes it so amazing for depositing. Add to that the fact that you don’t even need to create an account, and you’ve got yourself the most effortless payment solution. There are no special conditions to use it, so all you need is a UK-registered phone number and you’re good to go.

As an added advantage…

…you have the fact that transactions with it are fee-free. Plus, you have the fact that it is extremely secure. No one but you can make a deposit on your name, from your phone, unless you confirm the charge. The added layout of protection, the confirmation text message, is quite useful in this aspect.

When it comes to disadvantages…

…there are a few, the most obvious one being the country restriction. Unless you are a citizen of the UK, you cannot use this solution. And, unless you have a UK-registered phone number. The second downside to it is the fact that you cannot make withdrawals with it. Due to its nature, this payment solution only enables deposits, so as an online casino player, not a shopper, you would need to look for an alternative solution to withdraw your winnings.

Final Analysis

All this being said…

…Payforit is the perfect solution for casual mobile casino players, looking for a way to make a deposit at an online casino with no strings attached. It is for those players who don’t want to go through lengthy account registering procedures but wish to deposit with their mobile device, play and get on with their lives.

Due to its nature…

…however, it is not a solution for players who wish to make large deposits and consequently cash out large amounts of money they won. Since you cannot place a huge deposit, because of the transaction limits that may apply, and you cannot withdraw winnings with it, if you’re a high-roller, you should probably look for a different solution. And, you should do so, too, if you’re not a UK player.

To sum up…

…this mobile payment solution should be considered by UK mobile players, who visit online casinos casually and wouldn’t mind finding a different solution to cash out there winnings. If you are one, though, make sure you consider using it, because it does have some pretty awesome things to offer.

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