It can also be helpful in establishing a particular social perspective or setting. This way, your reader will be able to identify with the characters and their perspectives. A good analytical essay will reveal themes within the subject. It is important to analyze specific buy custom dissertation items or aspects to show the reader what the overall work means. Ultimately, your goal is to make the topic clear to the reader. If you fail to adhere to this rule, your work will receive a lower grade, and you may not be able to cite your sources correctly.

  • Using more than one source increases the internal validity of the study.
  • With this in mind, it’s important to enter the writing process with a strong outline of both the topic you’re about to explore and the conclusions you want to leave your reader with.
  • The task of the student is to illustrate all aspects that came up while working on exploratory essay.

They describe when, how and why you conducted certain types of research. This type of exploratory writing focuses on how you are able to work through problems requiring research and writing skill.

Exploratory essay structure

You need to tell your readers what you have done or what you are going to do to fulfill your writing task. In any case, your exploratory paper must include an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. While being a student, you expose yourself to a variety of writing opportunities. An exploratory essay is just one of the many kinds of papers you will be entitled to write. Whatever exploratory essay topics you choose for your work, remember that each exploratory essay has a number of distinctive features.

  • However, instead of a standard thesis that posits a statement, the writer asks a research question that will guide the reader to the exploration in the following paragraphs.
  • We are here to help you get the highest grades and the professor’s positive attitude.
  • Don’t forget to provide a clear description of your problem by choosing those ideas that are quite challenging to explore.

A well-chosen topic is interesting and relevant to your audience while also being something you are knowledgeable about and can provide valuable insights essay proofreading and editing on. Additionally, choosing a topic that is too controversial or biased can lead to difficulty in presenting information objectively and neutrally.

Discuss this Article

Your task is to find facts on the topic and present them to the attention of a reader. Feel like you’re a detective who gathers evidence on a case.

  • This method is used due to the fact that there is no acute need to defend own point of view.
  • Weighted issues, or enduring issues, are linked to current issues and a resulting need.
  • Choose a minimum of three viewpoints in the body paragraphs to examine in your essay after researching the subject.
  • These questions concern most of the students and unfortunately very often they are left unanswered.

Write a 3-5 page paper in which you explore the various angles and issues pertaining to your topic. If you don’t yet see your topic as having much of an issue, this assignment should help you tease one out. If your naïve draft indicated that you already had a bias toward your issue , this assignment should help you explore the other side. Please incorporate some of your research into this paper in the forms of quotations or paraphrases, for which you need to create in-text citations and a Works Cited page. You may be able reuse some or all of these passages in your final research essay.

Essay conclusion

Even if you do not have a straight answer in your essay – you have reached an effect – they keep reading, because they are confused and want to know more. Show that you have original thinking in your introduction to make them want to keep following your thoughts.

Use transition words and phrases to link paragraphs together. Write it in your language without using too many quotations or direct sayings from your research provider.

Exploratory Essay: The A to Z Guide

Ultimately, the primary goal of an exploratory essay is to make an inquiry about a topic or problem, investigate the context, and address possible solutions. The essay is focused on answering these questions and not present arguments for or against the subject or its characteristics. State the details about the matter in question, so readers will understand the main point. Present information on the sources from the reference list, i.e. the author, the title, the publisher, and publishing date, etc. Provide readers with a general outline of the subject under study and communicate to the readers unknown facts. Colloquial language is often more inviting for readers, and it can draw them in.

conclusion for exploratory essay

To format an exploratory essay, you should utilize APA, Chicago, or MLA styles. The primary goal of these formatting styles is to disseminate knowledge to the public in the most effective manner possible. For APA, maintain uniform margins on the page’s right, left, bottom, and top. Including an abstract in an example of an exploratory essay is one component of APA. MLA format requires you to leave one-inch margins across the paper.

What is an exploratory essay?

The ending should summarize where your thinking is at this stage of researching and writing, identify gaps in your thinking and/or research, and perhaps discuss next steps. I am extremely happy with your services and will help with dissertation statistics not hesitate to use it again when the need arises. This option allows you to double the time let for a free revision. Thus, you will be able to ask for some amendments within four days after the essay has been delivered.

They can be anything from a lengthy research report to a brief paper. In this article, we will discuss exploratory essay samples, outline, format, and tips on how to write this paper.

Exploratory Essays About Education

Before you write your case study essay, however, you should choose a topic and research it thoroughly. Choose an issue that relates to the course, and make sure to record your sources. Considering an example of exploratory essay conclusion, you may notice that an author calls upon the readers to draw their own conclusion. This method is used due to the fact that there is no acute need to defend own point of view. You may act as a provider of information who does not claim to know the indisputable truth. The main part of the essay is devoted to a consideration of various theories on the topic, the opposing opinions of experts. You should provide information confirming and refuting the thesis.

In particular, does public transit only improve conditions for those who regularly use these systems? Or, do improvements in public transportation positively impact the quality custom dissertation online of life for all individuals within a given city or region? The remainder of this essay explores the research around these questions and considers some possible conclusions.

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Start with the first viewpoint or solution you thought of and explain why you chose to explore it. Then proceed to the sources you used and the information obtained from them. Discuss the importance of the found information in relation to the topic issue, and provide your personal analysis. Explain how the solution and the sources consulted helped you view the problem in a new light and if they led you in a new direction. Then end each segment with a transition to prepare the reader to segue into the next part.

© 2014 EssayWriting.Expert – Professional write my essay service. Even though this is an exploratory, partially reflective, essay, it should use formal language and adhere to common grammatical and stylistic guidelines. Although there are many ways to write an essay like this, a sample of a strong Exploratory Essay can be found here. Any assignment submitted later than three days after the due date will receive a zero for the assignment. Take time to proofread and also have a second eye go over the essay for you. Proofread your work It is okay to make errors in your work, hence, give yourself enough time to edit your paper. Take notes At the conclusion of your research, you will need to review your notes.


Regardless of what topic may be chosen, it’s necessary to ensure that you provide sufficient research that is supported by some evidence. Write a conclusion that restates the main points and allows the readers to take something from it at the end of your paper. For example, you can use a quotation from another author who agrees with you or suggest conclusion for exploratory essay further research regarding an exploratory essay topic. While some individuals may choose not to utilize public transportation, decisions to expand or alter public transit systems affect the lives of all. As a result of my preliminary research, I became interested in exploring whether public transportation systems improve citizens’ quality of life.

Can an explanatory essay have opinions?

Constructing an explanatory essay involves investigating many different sources. However, do not include your own opinions and beliefs into your writing. Remember that the point of the essay is simply to present information.


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